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Maria's international travel and immersion into diverse cultures have profoundly influenced her sense of style and color. Maria's unique designs transcend a traditional European style uniting her inspiration from travels accross the African continent, the Middle East, Mediterranean, South and South East Asia.

Her world travels inspired her extraordinary use of color in her designs. Her style is colorful and eclectic with a touch of fun. While traveling through the African continent, Maria was struck by nature’s color palette. She marveled at nature’s beautiful blend of primary colors in the blossoming wild flowers, the thick bush, the farmland’s red soil, the banana palms and the orange trees. The subtle shadings of the continent’s sunrises and sunsets moved her.   Maria’s use of color and texture was honed by the arrays of color in fascinating plumages of the birds and the diverse color and textures of the hides of Africa’s wild life. Her time on the African continent gave birth to her passion for the use of color in her designs.

Maria well knows that there is a definite state of mind associated with various colors and color schemes. Warm colors – that is to say red, yellow and shades of orange - can stimulate and excite.  Warm colors are best used in areas of activity. Cooler colors such as blues, greens and purples have a more calming and relaxing affect and are best used in bedrooms and dens.  And, of course, warm and cool colors can be mixed.

Regardless of a room’s color scheme and whether it is a dining room, kitchen, den or bathroom, all spaces must be versatile and enjoyable in which to live or work. In all instances, Maria is guided by her clients’ preferences so that her designs accurately reflect the personality of the homeowner.

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