I have a genuine passion for decorating and furnishing homes –
all designed around you!

A home’s design, decorating and furnishings should reflect the personality of the person who lives there.  A home should be a natural extension of one’s self. That’s why I will spend time getting to know and understand your likes and dislikes, your passions and your sense of style.

When I first speak with you – whether on the phone or over a cup of coffee – I will listen closely to you to get a sense of who you are and how you live.  During that first discussion, I will get a glimpse of what you are looking for even before I come to your home.

Upon my initial visit to your home, I will further develop my understanding of your life style and your “wants and needs.”  I will determine your “design comfort zone” and get an idea if we can push the limits of that zone or stay squarely within it. I am always sensitive to your desires.  

Then together we will select colors, window treatments, floor coverings and unique furnishings that best reflect who you are.

Finally, we will make a joint decision about the material we will use and agree on a realistic budget and time line.  We will discuss contractors and craftsmen to do the work.

I will personally monitor and supervise the work, and I will not be finished until your home's new look meets or exceeds your expectations.

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